Green Global Polymers

We are a company in charge of marketing and recovery of all types of plastic materials (PP, PEHD, PELD, PET, PVC, PS).

We have more than 30 years of experience in the sector, a trade that has already passed to the second generation. Thus, GREEN GLOBAL POLYMERS is formed by a heterogeneous team of professionals, combining experience and youth.

In GREEN GLOBAL POLYMERS we are dedicated to the recovery, recycling and commercialization of different types of plastics. You can find us at our offices on Avenida del Transporte, 45 – A PI Ribarroja, sector 13, 46394 Ribarroja del Túria (Valencia). We also have a recovery plant (washing and crushing line), to offer our product according to the quality standards that characterize our company.

We are aware of the challenges that lie ahead. Great environmental problems affect our planet: climate change and the depletion of resources. Every year millions of tons of plastic are discarded and are no longer in use. All that waste could become recycled plastic to give them a new life.

We have to react to such a situation. In GREEN GLOBAL POLYMERS we work to improve the world. We want to contribute our grain of sand to solve these problems. That’s why we take recycled plastic very seriously.

Our philosophy is to give a new utility to discarded plastic . For this, we have designed a recycled plastic process in which we obtain two products: the crushed plastic and plastic pellets .

These granzas will then be marketed to make new things. In this way resources are preserved and everything is reused. Only then can we save our planet from pollution. Together we can achieve a more GREEN world.

New life

In GREEN GLOBAL POLYMERS we believe that plastic has many lives and not just one. We want resources to be reused and not thrown away. We contribute to give new life to plastic.


We recover the plastic to transform it and market it. Our recovery plant (washing and crushing line) helps to obtain a plastic ready to be reused and that will be useful in the future.

Green World

We believe in a green world , where the whole society contributes to recycled plastic . We work to improve the quality of life of people and the planet. Recycling in the yellow container we can change the world.

Much remains to be done, but with our dedication and experience we believe that we can recover all the discarded plastic . In GREEN GLOBAL we have a passion for plastic recycling and that is why we know that one day everything that is discarded will have another life.

Our product


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