Crushed plastic

We are experts in crushed and that is why we want to continue helping to improve the world. In GREEN GLOBAL POLYMERS we implement our 30 years of experience in crushed plastics to protect the planet from the depletion of resources. Thanks to our recovery activity, we contribute to recycling and giving a new life to plastic.

In our recovery plant in Ribarroja we take care of transforming the plastic that comes from the yellow containers . Thanks to all those people who recycle we can give a new life to the plastic . All the plastic that comes to us is driven by our washing line and crushed . A process that allows us to obtain a quality recycled plastic to be reused.

With this process in our recovery plant we produce the crushed plastic . The result of this transformation are tiny pieces of plastic of various types: PET, PEHD, PP, LDPE, PVC and PVS.

The PVC , this is Vinyl Chloride , a material that we got thanks to the shredding process . Its commercialization gives a new life to the plastic . This product can be used to manufacture containers, windows, pipes, or even toys. An example of teaching how plastic can have a lot of life and not just one.