Polystyrene crushed plastic (PS)

We are experts in crushed and that is why we want to continue helping to improve the world.

In our recovery plant in Ribarroja we take care of transforming the plastic that comes from the yellow containers .

Polystyrene (PS) is a thermoplastic polymer obtained from the polymerization of styrene monomer. It is an economical and resistant plastic and is currently the fourth most consumed plastic, behind polyethylene, polypropylene and PVC.

The Polystyrene (PS) has different uses according to its manufacturing method.

  • Manufacturing by blow-by model applies to containers, bottles and auto parts.
  • Manufacture by injection molding applies to radio and television housings, toys, medical instruments, automotive parts, household items, bottle caps and containers.
  • Manufacturing by extrusion and thermoforming is applied to refrigerated interiors, luggage, food packaging, disposable services and large car structures.
  • Manufacturing by extrusion is applied to protective films, profiles in general, light reflectors and construction covers.

There are different types of Polystyrene (PS) :

  • Crystal polystyrene which is a transparent solid, hard and brittle.
  • SBS rubber which is a component of a rubber type.
  • Polystyrene of the future is crystalline and melts at 270 ° C and its cost is higher.
  • High Impact Polystyrene HIPS that is strong, non-brittle and capable of withstanding large impacts without breaking.

Plástico triturado de Poliestireno (PS)


In GREEN GLOBAL POLYMERS we implement our 30 years of experience in crushed plastics to protect the planet from the depletion of resources. Thanks to our recovery activity, we contribute to recycling and giving a new life to plastic.

Thanks to all those people who recycle we can give a new life to the plastic . All the plastic that comes to us is driven by our washing line and crushed . A process that allows us to obtain a quality recycled plastic to be reused.

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