Low density polyethylene pellets (LDPE)

Granzas de Polietileno de baja densidad (PEBD)

The process of recycled plastic, that starts with the recovery of the discarded plastic, subjecting it to a series of phases to turn it into tiny plastic particles , we obtain as a result the Plastic Granzas .

Thanks to this we obtain different ranges of pellets such as Low density polyethylene pellets (LDPE) for injection .

This is one of the different plastic pellets with which GREEN GLOBAL POLYMERS we market, since we are dedicated to the recovery, recycling and commercialization of different types of plastic.

Polyethylene LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) is a thermoplastic polymer formed by repeating units of ethylene. Its acronym means low density polyethylene. Its structure is made up of very branched chains, making it with a density lower than that of high density polyethylenes (HDPE).

This has good chemical and thermal resistance, is resistant to impact, milky and transparent color depends on the thickness that is given. Valid to be processed for injection or extrusion.

Some of its applications are sacks, thermal bags, agricultural uses, toys, household items, bottles, pipes …

In GREEN GLOBAL POLYMERS we are experts in granzas and our mission is to continue helping to improve the world.

We put into practice our 30 years of experience in plastic pellets to protect the planet from the depletion of resources. Thanks to our recovery activity we contribute to the recycling and to give a new life to the plastic . In this way we give a new life to the plastic .

In GREEN GLOBAL POLYMERS we get every small granza that we commercialize again to be useful.

You can find us at our offices on Avenida del Transporte, 45 – A PI Ribarroja, sector 13, 46394 Ribarroja del Túria (Valencia).

We have a recovery plant (washing and crushing line), to offer our product according to the quality standards that characterize our company.

For this we need the society to contribute to the work of plastic recycling . It is necessary that all plastics be deposited in the yellow container . If we all collaborate we can achieve a better world.

If you want to know how to buy this product or need more information about the Low density polyethylene pellets (LDPE) for injection , just have contact GREEN GLOBAL POLYMERS .