Plastic pellets

We are experts in chaffs and that is why we want to continue helping to improve the world. In GREEN GLOBAL POLYMERS we put into practice our 30 years of experience in plastic pellets to protect the planet from the depletion of resources. Thanks to our recovery activity, we contribute to recycling and giving a new life to plastic .

The pellets are the result of a plastic recycled process. Recovering the discarded plastic, subjecting it to a series of phases to turn it into tiny plastic particles.

Thanks to this we obtain different ranges of pellets PP pellets black and red, Polyethylene pellets and PELD pellets These will be marketed to manufacturers that with each type of pellets may produce a different thing.

For example, polyethylene is a totally recyclable component that we obtain in our recovery plant . With the HDPE pellets can be manufactured multiple things that can serve in the future: furniture, machinery instruments, catering utensils and many other things. The polyethylene is just one more example of the different plastic pellets that we sell in GREEN GLOBAL POLYMERS .

In this way we give a new life to the plastic . In GREEN GLOBAL POLYMERS we get every small granza that we commercialize again to be useful. For this we need the society to contribute to the work of plastic recycling . It is necessary that all plastics be deposited in the yellow container . If we all collaborate we can achieve a better world.